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Date Classified: Sep 20, 2011 
Film Number: 2000095518 
Distributor / Submitter / Exhibitor: UNIVERSAL FILMS CANADA 
Running Time (min): 105 
Format: 35MM 
Language: ENGLISH 
Classification: 18A 
Content Advisories:
Detailed Observations:
- Aggressive/ frequent slurs/sexual references
- Coarse language
- Slurs
- Nudity in a non-sexual context
- Limited instances of nudity in a sexual situation
- Illustrated or verbal references to drugs, alcohol or tobacco
- Crude content
- Substance abuse
- Bullying
- Embracing and kissing
- Fondling
- sexual innuendo
- Implied sexual activity
- Restrained portrayals of limited violence
Classification Restrictions:  
Exhibition Limitation - Time / Premises:  
Reconsideration: Reconsidered on Sep 20, 2011 -  Classification Changed

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