Search Instructions

You may search for a specific title by specifying all or part of the title in the first search box.

You may also ask for a group of titles by specifying the classification, format, and date range in the second search box.  You are limited to a maximum of 500 hits for this type of search.

"Contains" and "wild cards" searches are acceptable.  For example, searching using the letters "oronto" will return records with the words "Toronto" and "Desoronto".  The percent-sign (%) can be used as a wildcard.  Replace any characters you want to match with the percent-sign.  If you enter the letters "SM%H", your search will return records such as SMITH, SMYTH, SMITHSON.

For titles that begin with the words "The" or "A".  Try searching only the main words.  For example for "A Knight's Tale", Search "Knight's Tale".  For "The Bone Collector" search for "Bone Collector".